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What we do

Bat Removal/Exclusions, Flying Squirrel Removal/Exclusions, Attic Restoration

And, So Much More

Bat Control/Exclusions

Bat Removal is a process that should only be attempted by a trained professional. Bat control services can be hazardous & dangerous at times, and eradicating the bats themselves is the most tricky part. Midcoast Wildlife Specialists uses proven methods for bat removal in the state of Maine.

Flying Squirrel Removal/Exclusions

If you want professional removal of Nuisance flying squirrels in the state of Maine you’ve come to correct place. Midcoast Wildlife Specialists are the flying squirrel trapping experts in the state of Maine. So when these pesky critters enter your attic, your external walls and between your floors, you’ll need Midcoast Wildlife Specialists.

Attic Restoration

Many homeowners in the state of Maine need attic restoration services due to bat and or flying squirrel contamination and or destruction. No matter what your situation may be, Midcoast Wildlife Specialists can help! Our team is made up of highly trained specialists who can recommend the necessary fixes your attic needs depending on your situation.

Bat Control/Exclusions

Midcoast Wildlife Specialist Bat Removal/Exclusion experience is second to none in the state of Maine.

Squirrel Control/Exclusions

We know Flying Squirrels. Midcoast Wildlife Specialists professionals have been working with this population for over 20 years. We are the best in the business.

Attic Restoration

Our Attic Restoration team are highly trained professionals who can perform cleanup, sanitation, and insulation replacement.

We Utilize Strategies Of Bat Exclusion That Have Proven To Work Time After Time, Which Is Why We Get The Bats Out, And Keep Them Out!

The process of removing bats from a building is a specialized service which can take years of experience in order to master the skills needed to evict bats. Ever since our business started we have practiced “live exclusion” methods of bat control to ensure no harm comes to bats. We care about the well-being of your family most, but we are also happy about the fact that we get to keep our customers safe without having to exterminate any bats. We are proud to support the conservation of our bat species.

Not only are we trained wildlife control professionals, but we focus our business towards bats because there are not a lot of companies in Maine that specialize in bat removal, so we take pride in providing a much needed public service for our Maine residents. Bats in the attic can be a real pain, so we are proud to deliver results.

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About Our Warranty & Certifications

Bat jobs contracted through Midcoast Wildlife Specialists come with a minimum warranty of 12 months. The bat removal guarantee will be written up within a legally binding contract. Once the homeowners agree to the terms of our contract and sign, we will then move forward with the bat exclusion project.

Employees of Midcoast Wildlife Specialists are all licensed to perform bat work, and our company also carries the proper insurance for this specialized trade, including workers comp. You can trust we will get the job done right!

To Get Rid Of Bats, You Have To Think Like A Bat!!

We have the experience

We Have Over 25 Years of Experience in The Wildlife Pest Control Industry

Our experts are always focused on offering a permanent solution when dealing with bat problems. Bats are very persistent, which is why the exclusion process needs to be approached from a problem-solving point of view because if you don’t think 2 steps ahead, the bats will probably end up outsmarting you!

There Is A Difference

Bat Bugs VS. Bed Bugs


The difference between Bed Bugs and Bat Bugs is the fact that Bed Bugs prefer to feed on humans, causing red spots to appear on the person’s skin after being bitten, while Bat Bugs prefer to feed on the blood of bats, but will still bite humans. Bed Bugs are much more aggressive towards people. Bat bugs will only bite people when the bats are absent from the home. After some time has passed and the bats do not return, the Bat Bugs will come down into the house looking for their next blood meal/host, which is when people will start to notice them.

Research On White Nose Syndrome | Bat Conservation International Website

We Are Professionals

Amateur Bat Removal – Yee Be Warned!


Bat removal in Maine must be done with extreme caution not to seal bats inside of an attic. All it takes is one wrong move, and the bats will be trapped inside. So what, you ask?

Well, when bats get blocked inside an attic they won’t just sit around and wait to die. They will search every crack and crevice to find a way out. They will crawl up and down walls, through ventilation, and eventually, they will either find another way outside or maybe you will have 100 bats flying around inside your house at 2 AM. We’ve seen it happen before. For that reason and others, we do NOT recommend you attempt bat removal on your own. If you do then we wish you luck, you’ll need it!

About The Bat Removal Process

Bats in your home or buildings? The humane (and legal) way Midcoast Wildlife Specialists remove them is through a process called “exclusion.” 

Performing a live exclusion involves finding the main entry areas the bats are using and installing a 1-way exclusion device over it, and this allows the bats to fly out of the structure unharmed. During this process, the rest of the structure should be sealed up thoroughly. If any gaps around the roofline are left open, the bats will likely re-enter and continue to utilize the newly discovered entry point. Bat removal jobs can sometimes pose these sorts of problems, which is why you want to hire a bat removal specialist when you discover bats inside your house.

The experience we have in bat control gives Midcoast Wildlife Specialists the edge over other inexperienced service providers who also offer bat removal services in the state of Maine. We are masters at forcing the bats to get out and stay out, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

We have estimated that on average our success rates are right around the 95% mark for getting rid of bats on the first exclusion attempt. If you knew anything about bat removal, you’d learn that a 95% success percentage on the first try is not too shabby of a statistic. As for the other 5%, if we’ve done a bat-job for you and the bats find their way back in, we will return to take care of it!

You Need To Know This

Attic & Insulation Facts


In circumstances where the bats have shed a lot of droppings in the attic, it is important to remove all the insulation to start with a clean slate in the attic. The most common types of insulation we encounter in Maine is rolled insulation, batted insulation, blown in fiberglass insulation, & blown in cellulose insulation. Sometimes there is a combination of both or several types of insulation in some attics. We find many homes that are actually under-insulated when inspecting for bats or flying squirrels. Especially during the frigid winters, it is very important to have your attic insulation up to current code to avoid spending a fortune on heating.

Research On White Nose Syndrome | Bat Conservation International Website

Fully Sanitized Like New

Attic Cleanup Process


When performing an attic clean out, our first preference is to get the insulation from the attic to the outside by not bringing the contaminated material through the home. During full attic restoration, we will be removing all the insulation in an attic. We remove insulation with our powerful remediation machine, which sucks the insulation up with long tubes. The tubes lead into the attic and then back outside, blowing the insulation into large fabric bags.

Many times we can run suction hoses through a vent in a house, the soffit, or sometimes the roof. There are homes which some material has to come through the home due to construction traits of that particular home. Bat waste can carry histoplasmosis which is a fungal disease contained in the waste. Bird waste can also carry this disease vector. So we are extra careful when transporting any material through the house. If we can, we will sometimes throw our bags out of the 2nd story window to avoid carrying the contaminated material through the house.

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists Bat Exclusion Success Rates

Maine’s humane ethical bat removal and exclusion company

Our bat exclusion success rates are well around 95% on the first bat removal attempt. The other 5% keeps us humble, and the bats also deserve a little bit of credit. After all, a bats echolocation hearing is so complex it can detect a draft coming from a single gap on a house, which is how nuisance bats find their way into a home in the first place! Call Mid-Coast Wildlife Specialists today to get rid of bats in Maine at (207) 466-1501.

Fun Bat Fact: A bats hearing is so good, it can actually hear the number of hairs on your head!!!

Common Maine Bats

The Little Brown Bat and The Big Brown Bat

Maines Insect Eaters

Little Brown Bats

There are 2 main species of bats in the state of Maine. Little brown bats & big brown bats. The little brown bat tends to be in Maine homes mostly during the summer and leaving in the fall to hibernate in caves. Little brown bats have been devastated by the white-nose syndrome that is spreading across the country and has affected the populations of little brown bats dramatically.

Maine Bat Eviction wants to thank SMBishop, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Big Brown Bats

The habit with big brown bats is they will hibernate in homeowners attics over the winter in Maine, unlike little brown bats which will migrate to large caves to hibernate in the winter. Big brown bats will adjust their temperature by moving around the attic periodically. That’s the reason why many times we find bat guano underneath the insulation. Why? Because the Big Brown Bats have burrowed under the insulation during prolonged cold periods to keep from freezing, and in the process have left behind some waste.

maine bat eviction wants to thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Towns In Maine For Bat Control

Freeport, Portsmouth, Penobscot, Livermore Falls, Rangeley, Hammond, Stratton, Oquossic, Ogunquit, Rumford, Gorham, Jay, Kingfield, Phillips, Hancock, Mount Desert, Strong, Farmington, Eustis, Brooklyn, Bucksport, Valley, Bar Harbor, Franklin, Sedgwick, Vassalboro, Manchester, China, Clinton, Litchfield, Readfield, Rome, Sidney, Winthrop, Windsor, Wayne, Oakland, Chelsea, Vinalhaven, Hope, Bristol, Somerville, Wiscasset, Southport, South Bristol, Greenwoood, Peru, Exter, Garland, Orono, Orrington, Patten, Plymouth, Greenbush, Hampden, Abbot, Greenville, Fairfield, Harmony, Freedom, Frankfort, Knox, Liberty, Jackson, Prospect, Charolette, Cherryfield, Crawford, and Cooper.

Also, Cutler, Eliot, Wells, York, Waterboro, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Lubec, Jonesport, Dennysville, Columbia, Addison, Alexander, Lincolnville, Searsmont, Searsport, Detroit, Cornville, Belmont, Brooks, Burnham, Montville, Monroe, Islesboro, Jackman, Madison, Murcer, Bingham, Athens, Burlington, Carmel, Clifton, Lakeville, Hudson, Holland, Millinocket, Springfield, Woodville, Winn, Levant, Charleston, Dexter, Union, Saint George, Boothbay Harbor, Thomaston, Friendship, Cushing, Owls Head, Warren, & Monmouth.