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Midcoast Wildlife Specialists is a company you can trust. We pride ourselves on being the most honest service providers in the entire state of Maine. Through our many years of experience in the bat business, we can offer professional services of bat removal & exclusion, as well as flying squirrel control, and the occasional raccoon job. There is no wildlife job we cannot handle, so give us a call today and let us surpass your expectations!

All employees who work for our company have gone through at least 2 or more levels of documented wildlife training, giving them the title of Certified Wildlife Control Professionals. However, they did not become pros from sitting down and listening to a couple of seminars, taking a few tests, no. They became pros when they started working for Mid-Coast Wildlife Specialists. In the past we have handled so many different problems with bats, flying squirrels, and other animals, it pretty much comes naturally for us at this point. That is who we are, and we are very proud of it! We honestly believe there is not a single company in Maine who can match our skill level & service.

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