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It’s that time of the year when you may have a Maine Flying Squirrel Attic Invasion. And with the invasion comes the sounds of pitter-patter and rolling nuts in the wee hours of the morning. Flying squirrels love to invade Maine attics in the cold months of the year. The squirrel onslaught starts in the fall time and peaks in January or February. Many of the loud noises you may hear in your attic can be from the sheer numbers of flying squirrels.

Being a communal animal, the flying squirrel loves living with other squirrels. Flying squirrels living in a Maine attic can reach 35 to 50 members. Fortunately, though still an issue, a grey squirrel or a red squirrel home infestation range in smaller numbers from 3 to 5 squirrels. But, this many greys and reds are still substantial numbers.

Maine Flying Squirrel Attic Invasion Photo of a baby flying squirrel

Baby Flying Squirrel

If you look at the flying squirrels in the attic perspective, it makes perfect sense to live in a dry, safe environment free of potential predators that are always present in the great outdoors. Also, a large group of squirrels can huddle together to conserve their body heat and burrow into the attic insulation. Maine winters are long, and flying squirrels living in attics during the cold season shows they can adapt using their intelligence.

If you think you might have flying squirrels in the attic, you may have been tipped off by the following signs. Noises consistently at night indicates squirrels since their activities are primarily nocturnal as opposed to other species of squirrels.

Maine Flying Squirrel Attic Invasion Photo of a flying squirrel in flight

A Flying Squirrel In-Flight Heading For Food

Flyers also have a habit of creating latrines where they repeatedly poop and pee. A Maine homeowner may see leaking tar-like substance coming out of a tongue and groove wood ceiling or dripping through the drywall.

You now know the hallmarks of a Maine Flying Squirrel Invasion in your home. Midcoast Wildlife Specialists provide professional and humane flying squirrel removal. Please call us at (207) 466-1501 so we can rid you of those nuisance squirrels.