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Professional Removal Of Nuisance Flying Squirrels In The State Of Maine.

Have You Been hearing Those Crazy Nighttime Sounds?

Flying Squirrels May Also Be Trapped, But We Have Found The One-Way Exclusion Method Quicker, And Much More Effective. Especially With A Large Colony Of Flying Squirrels.

Have you been hearing strange rodent-like noises late at night, or in the early morning hours? It could be flying squirrels. Listening to the patter-patter sounds flying squirrels make at night is not a pleasant experience. Identifying a flying squirrel problem can be done by educating yourself on their behavior. Droppings left behind in the attic or other spaces can also be analyzed by a professional to determine what species of animal you have. Flying squirrels make their way into a structure through an exposed opening on the outside. Finding this area and placing a one-way exclusion door over it is the only effective way to get rid of flyers. Call us today to get rid of them for you!

Similar to bats, flying squirrels are also a colonizing animal. They will enter a homeowners attic through open dormers, drip edge’s, feca boards, open siding, chimneys, and many other areas of a home. Exclusion/removal of flying squirrels is a process similar to bat exclusions, where we install one-way doors to evict the flying squirrels out, and when they return they cannot get back through the one-way door. The rest of the home also needs to be sealed to prevent the flying squirrels from regaining access through another spot. All open areas on the home 1/2 inch or larger must be sealed because that is all it takes for these nifty little critters to slip through a gap. Call Mid-Coast Wildlife Specialists for professional flying squirrel control, we cover the entire state of Maine!

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Flying Squirrel Jobs Contracted Through Midcoast Wildlife Specialists Will Generally Come With A Limited 1 Year Warranty Depending On The Condition Of Your Home.

When there has been a prolonged infestation of flying squirrels in an attic, there will likely be extensive damage throughout the attic’s insulation. Flying squirrels will burrow through insulation, leaving behind droppings & urine. The urine of these animals will create a strong ammonia smell. We solve this problem by removing all soiled insulation, sanitizing the attic with a type of disinfectant (not chemically harmful.) We provide attic restoration services due to flying squirrel damage often. If you are seeking any information for attic remediation due to your flying squirrel problem, shoot us an email or give us a call. We have been in business for many years and flying squirrels have always been the 2nd most common animal to infest homes in the state of Maine, right behind bats.


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